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Snowmobile Trailer Slides and Mats

Snowmobile Trailer Slides and Mats

Slide Guides Inc., which manufactures and distributes E-Z Off trailer slides and traction mats, is one of the leaders in the market because of our excellent customer relations and assistance, low cost, and undeniable product quality. Slide Guides wants your trailer to be set up properly just as much as you do. Some people may say; "E-Z Off slides, what are they for, how do they work?" Those are the exact questions this website is out to answer!

First off, E-Z Off slides are designed to eliminate the friction caused between carbide runners on the skis and the trailer deck. Between the weight of the snowmobile and the sharp carbides, loading and unloading a snowmobile can be a big chore. E-Z Off slides make loading and unloading almost effortless. Not only will E-Z Off slides make ending a long day of snowmobiling less tedious, but also will save your trailer deck from imminent destruction by the carbides.

E-Z Off slides are made out of an extruded Polycarbonite (plastic) material called polyethylene (recycled milk bottles). Polyethylene has a low coefficient of friction which makes it the perfect material for our application. We also add black coloring dye and a UV protectant to prevent the sides from becoming brittle and discolored. Summed up, E-Z Off slides are made of a plastic material that allow your snowmobile to slide on and off your trailer easily while remaining virtually maintenance free.

Because Slide Guides Inc. is in for the long haul, all of our slides are a solid one-piece construction. This means there are no seams for the carbide runner to catch, and this also results in better dimensional stability. Along with all of our slides we provide heavy duty stainless steel screws. The screws are counter sunk into the slides so that the carbide and stainless steel screws will never come in contact with each other. All of our slides are also pre-drilled for the screws that we provide and come with our clear and simple installation instructions. They can be easily and quickly installed.

Along with our slides, Slide Guides Inc. also offers traction (stud) mats to help protect your trailer deck and provide added traction. Our Traction Mats are made of recycled tires and have applications for snowmobiles with or without studs. Traction Mats are the perfect addition to a trailer with E-Z Off slides on it.

Slide Guides is out to please all of our customers. We will continue to provide great products and outstanding service throughout the future. We also appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have. We hope you enjoy our Web site and our products.

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